A Plant Health Care Consultant  

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                     A Plant Health Care Consultant                                             

Serving Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, with environmentally

responsible consulting

Services / Legal:

                      -Appraisals: Assist insurance companies and attorneys with:

                      - Casualty, loss and evaluation of woody  plant material

                      - Review of estimates to repair or replace plant material

                      - Court testimony

Consultant to:
                         Landscape architects, Property Management / Utility companies,
                         Home-owner associations, Corporations, Municipalities, Golf course 
                         managers, Educational institutions, Civil Engineers, Developers,
                         Landscapers, and individual Home owners

                        -  Inventory.and analysis of existing material

                        -  Construction site-impact analysis 

                        -  Development of contract specifications

                        -  Preserving heritage and landmark trees

                        -  Provide specifications and procedures for plant material/planting

                        -  Monitoring of contractors to ensure contract compliance

                        -  Hazardous tree assessment/Resistograph technique

Diagnosis-and management recommendations for:  

                        -  Diseases, insects, cultural and environmental problems
                        -  Soil and plant tissue analysis 

Tree preservation programs: 
                         - Long and short -term tree and shrub management programs

 Resistorgraph Structural Assessment:

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