Tree Risk Assessment

Trees can present a risk to people and property.  If you have concerns about the safety of your trees Plant Healthcare Consultants can perform an assessment to determine the level of risk of your trees.  Using industry standards, best-practices and modern technology we can provide you with the information and recommendations to mitigate the risk of your trees. 

ISA Tree Risk Assessment


A systematic, visual inspection of the tree and surrounding area to determine potential risk of failure, targets and potential damage to targets.  The findings are compiled on an Internation Society of Arboriculture Tree Risk Assessment Form.



The Resistograph is a device that uses a small-bore bit to drill into the tree and measures the resistance of the wood. The results are graphically represented to give a profile of the sound vs. decayed wood in the tree.



A Tomograph utilizes sounds waves, similar to an ultrasound, to measure the amount of decay in the interior of the tree.  A computer then renders an image of the cross-section of the tree to illustrate decay.